About the client

A Coimbatore-based real estate agency, Lands and Lands is dedicated to its clients and solving their needs in the most transparent and efficient way possible. Their long history in real estate in the region has given them an unparalleled understanding of the many layers of the various processes involved. This has translated into a strong and loyal client base as reflected in their 4.8-star Google rating. 


What they needed

One of the things that have distinguished Lands and Lands from their competitors is the way they have integrated technology into their workflow to increase transparency and efficiency. They wanted to have this reflected on their website. 

Another factor that set them apart was their end-to-end service approach for everything related to real estate. Their range of services includes brokerage services (buying, selling and renting of properties); property and facility management services; as well as 40+ liaison services for both businesses and customers. All of these services needed to be clearly laid out on the website in a way that would be easy to understand and absorb without overwhelming the user with too much information.

Our approach

The two main focus areas in our approach can be broken down as follows:

Communicate the ethos of Lands and Lands
Right from get go, Lands’ passion and dedication towards their clients stood out for us. It was clear that it was their approach, as much as it was their actual services that made them the company they are. We have tried to reflect their guiding principles across the website, in a way that seamlessly integrates with the relevant services.

As a client service provider it was important that their team come across as approachable and efficient to a potential client. We composed the team write-ups such that their approachability and their expertise, both shine through. 

Present their service offerings in easily digestible manner 

While it was important to lay out Lands’ wide array of services, it had to be done in a concise and easy-to-grasp manner. With one page dedicated to each vertical, we looked at the best possible ways to cover each of them. Given the complex nature of some of the features we wanted to use on the website, we chose to build the website on WooCommerce and Laravel.

  • For the Buy, Sell and Rent Out pages, we have used a map-based search feature for users to navigate and browse properties. This was accompanied with a filter-based search function.

  • For their Liaison Services and Property & Facility Management Services, we opted for a dropdown feature to showcase the sub-heads within each vertical, for the user to peruse as per their need. This allowed us to capture all the content in one page without making the page cumbersome and long. 

  • We accompanied the above with lead forms wherever relevant to guide the user towards taking the next step. 

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