About the brand

Credilio is a full-service Digital Lending and Financial Services platform for customers, lenders and distribution channels. As an aggregator platform, its aim is to onboard sales agents, giving them access to lenders, and allowing them to provide customers a complete online, personalised experience from application to disbursement.

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Client objective

When the client approached us, they needed help with branding and website, ready in time for an upcoming round of funding, and for the purpose of brand awareness with lender platforms. (The project was on a tight timeline from the get-go!)

The challenge in terms of creating a logo and website sitemap was that both had to appeal to two sets of target audiences: independent sales agents as well as their potential customers. The website’s purpose essentially was to establish brand presence while the actual client servicing aspect would be carried out by agents via an app. The app would have an interface for customers and a different one mirroring the customer-app for the agents.


For the logo design and tagline, we led the design process with our partner team of designers, After multiple brainstorming sessions, we arrived at a design that appropriately captured the brand offering.



The concept of the logo was to establish a sense of credibility and trust as well as convey the “aggregator function”. The logo reflects the brand name and its concept through its magnet-like shape, i.e. bringing together all stakeholders: customers, sales agents, and lenders.

Two versions of the logo were designed – one for the customer app and another for the agent app. The branding was also modified for the agent version. It was important for the client to position the agent’s role as something aspirational.  

Website design and development

As mentioned previously, the website had to address two different sets of target audiences (customers and clients), while also conveying the brand concept to funders and lending platforms. We recommended that it was best to go ahead with a separate landing page for customers and agents each, while anchoring both via the home page.

The language and tone used on the website had to be minimal and effective in conveying the concept and process, while also establishing a sense of trustworthiness and competence. 

The image search took considerable effort. On the one hand, it was important to the client that we reflect the target audiences truthfully, while on the other, it was a challenge to find appropriate images of Indians on free stock image websites. Ultimately, we were able to find a good balance of (reasonably priced) paid and free stock images.

It was also important to the client that the website convey to viewers that the service was tied to an app, so in its design language we incorporated elements that demonstrated the app functionality.

Given that the website was developed on WordPress, it was challenging to accommodate some of the more snappy features but it was important to us to be able to deliver the client’s final vision for their product. The effects also serve a functional purpose as we were able to capture   a lot more visual and textual information but in a concise manner.

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