About the client

Part of the TodayTix Group, Show-Score is a New York City theatre review aggregator, community review site, and ticket finder. It has been likened to "the Rotten Tomatoes for theatre" and also to TripAdvisor, and provides a 'leaderboard' of most-active reviewers and most-liked shows.


A “Wonderful” Wicked Giveaway

Show-Score was running a giveaway around the popular musical Wicked from November 18 to December 20, 2021. Prizes included a night out at the theatre with five friends, dinner/drinks before the show, and an exclusive virtual meet with the cast. To win, participants needed to accumulate points by reviewing shows on the platform, sharing the giveaway on social media and inviting friends to create accounts on the platform.

Our approach

Show-Score’s General Manager Deeksha Gaur got in touch with us for a strategy to maximise user acquisition during the giveaway. We suggested a focus on Facebook and Instagram ads, and started by putting together a media plan and studying and segmenting Show-Score’s databases and audiences. We also worked closely with the Show-Score team to develop crisp, straightforward messaging for ad campaigns.

The results

Over a 30-day period leading up to Christmas, we set up various campaigns and experimented with different audiences. We kept a very close eye on the campaigns and met bi-weekly with the Show-Score team to evaluate ad, audience, and creative performance as well as website drop-offs. We constantly optimised campaigns with a view to gain maximum users at minimum cost. As a result, we achieved close to 1,000 reviews via paid media and contributed to 40% of the traffic generated by reaching close to 135,000 users in the US.

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