Increased Flipkart Sales for Colorbar

Through intensive keyword research and competitor analysis, we boosted Colorbar’s Flipkart sales by 161% with a 5x increase in ROI 5x and an ROAS of 6.2.

Executive director at Modi Enterprises Samir Modi first got in touch with our co-founder Rachit Hegde in June 2021. He was looking for a performance marketing team to help increase Flipkart sales for his company Colorbar, India’s third largest beauty brand with presence in 100+ exclusive stores and 1200+ multi brand outlets.The brief was to redirect sales on the platform from resellers to the company itself.


Intensive research and change of strategy

At the time, Colorbar had been running Product Listing Ads (PLA), which primarily help a brand list their product higher when a user searches within the category. The Small Business Project (TSBP) team started working on the brand’s Flipkart sales in October 2021. We conducted intensive keyword research and competitor analysis to create Product Contextual Ads (PCA) for each category, with a special focus on Colorbar’s bestseller categories. These ads allowed us to showcase the brand’s vast product range to customers who had a high intention to purchase, using strategic competitor, brand, and product-based keywords.


The outcome

During the first month of TSBP’s association with Colorbar, ROAS stood at 1.5. Over time, our team was able to raise ROAS to 6.2 and arrive at 5X improvement in ROI. In all, there was a 161% increase in units sold from October 2021 till March 2022.

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