About the client

Part of the TEDx family, TEDxGateway is an independently organised TED event operated under license from TED. It’s also India’s largest conference. Although they have many events (online and offline) held throughout the year, their headline event is a day-long stage program comprising talks on compelling issues, along with music, tech demos and other performances.

What they needed

They had already been working with a team for the months of November and December promoting the event but they felt more could be done to highlight the line-up of speakers. The primary platforms we would be creating content for wereInstagram and Twitter, with cross-posting on Facebook and LinkedIn. We also offered consultation on ads during this period, which included budgeting, strategy, working with Insider, selecting platforms, etc.

What we did

Through a combination of organic and ad content on social media, we helped bring in up to 6000 people for the conference.

Between 22nd January and 23rd February, we reached an audience of 8,52,864 and brought in a total website traffic of 21,300. Our most successful campaign reached an audience of 6,80,000+ people and generated a traffic of 10,000+ website visitors with an average session duration of 45 seconds. One of our main objectives was to send quality traffic to the website, which we achieved as we got low bounce rates and high session durations.

Social Media Strategy

1. Awareness

For the social media content, we decided upon an approach that would better highlight the expertise that each speaker was bringing but in a way that would make it relatable to the audience, especially for the more technical subjects.

We wanted to diversify the current approach of using static cards with a photo and name of the speaker, as that would not communicate much to an audience that was unfamiliar with the speaker.

2. Event Build-up

With a fortnight left until the event, we ramped up the frequency of Stories. Our focus was to create engaging, interactive story series’ with clear CTAs.

We noted that video content performed well on Instagram and continued to innovate on the kinds of video content, such as the format of the snippets of the speakers’ past TEDx appearances.

While on Instagram clips of performers like Tom Thum and Opium Moon Music did well, on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, posts with quotes performed better.

We also shared posts on Facebook groups with an established and interested audience to help spread word about the event.

3. Rehearsals (BTC) & Event Day

On the run up to the event, we coordinated with the TEDxGateway team on-ground to build momentum and excitement by sharing scenes from the rehearsals and venue setting-up.

On the day of the event, a few of our team members joined the on-ground staff to document the event real-time and coordinated with the content team working remotely to put out posts.

4. Post-Event

We wound up the event coverage by capturing the highlights through a combination of event images and relevant quotes. Over this 43-day period, our tweets received 371.2K impressions.

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