Formed in 2019, Secret Haircare is a Bangalore-based luxury organic hair care brand. Its founder Ashith Sasidhar reached out to us in December 2020 to help boost the brand’s Instagram presence, while highlighting some key USPs – 100% organic, natural, and hand-made.


First steps

So far, Secret’s Instagram comprised mostly ‘Before and After’ images and testimonials. 

We wanted to change things up by adding content that would:

  1. Help showcase the products, how to use them and their benefits
  2. Educate audiences about Ayurveda and the brand’s Ayurvedic heritage
  3. Solve the audience’s everyday hair care problems through expert tips and advice

We also devised a new and unique brand language that would reflect the brand’s core values as well as tie the above themes together. Ashith was keen on a watercolour illustration style, which we helped define. We developed colour palettes and font styles to match the ethos of the brand.



Content development 

At the same time, we began to identify hair-related issues, themes, and information areas that would be meaningful for Secret's audience. Based on our research, we created fortnightly social calendars for Instagram posts and stories (outlining detailed concepts, captions and hashtags) starting February 2021.



We saw increased engagement with our DIY and testimonial posts, giveaway campaigns and reels.


This post, with its element of gamification, was one of our top performing ones, acquiring 2.3K likes organically.

We had the first-mover’s advantage within the category when it came to reels, which gained a lot of organic traction.

Our giveaways saw considerable organic engagement, with this one garnering over 600 likes and 300 comments.

In the stories section, we experimented with content and design in tandem with market trends and audience analysis. For example, a short Valentine’s Day story Campaign that ran with Sezzle messaging brought in purchases using the said feature


Product Launches

Ahuta (Absolute Aloevera Gel)

We ran an extensive campaign to launch this product. Reels, posts, and hashtags were curated to create a pre-launch buzz. Post launch, we curated content to establish its use and USPs.

A pre-buzz reel such as this gained over 26k organic views.

Levelling Up - Performance Marketing

We started performance marketing (Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram) in July 2021. We tested a lot of new creatives in different formats

  • Instagram and Facebook’s ROAS increased with consistency throughout the four months. 
  • For Facebook: Overall ROAS increased from 3.9 to 4.8 in this period.
  • On Google: we maintained an ROAS between 7 and 13.
  • We expanded the target audience to the northern parts of the country with conversion and awareness campaigns. 


Other Content & Design

PR Pieces

Various articles, brochures and short-form pieces were written by TSBP. These covered a variety of horizontals of the brand according to the briefs given.

  1. The Secret Mantra ( OR Provoke Lifestyle (See Divyashree J)
  2. This natural hair care brand puts traditional secrets into a bottle (
  3. Tulip March Issue 2022 by Tulip Magazine - Issuu (Page 16-17)
  4. What’s The Hype Around Organic Hair Care? |
  5. Secret Haircare- Delivering a Range of Real Natural Haircare Products (

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