Varun Duggi

About the client

A creative entrepreneur turned content creator, Varun is one of India’s leading conversationalists in the modern business, personal development and creator landscapes with over 1 million podcast listens.

The author of bestseller Everything Is Out of Syllabus, he’s the host of Advertising Is Dead, one of India’s most popular business podcasts with over 300,000 listens in 2021 alone, as well as co-host of Think Fast, an irreverent business podcast that has ranked #3 on Apple’s Podcast Marketing Charts.

In 2009, he co-founded The Glitch, India’s largest ‘digital-first’ creative agency.

History with the client

We have had a long and fruitful association with Varun starting August of 2020, and we have offered steadfast support throughout his growth journey as a podcaster, in various capacities through social media ads, YouTube channel management and more.

A key part of that journey has been our contributions towards his website.

In early 2022, Varun set out on a rebranding exercise, in line with his plans to grow his brand beyond his long-standing podcast Advertising Is Dead and his role as the Co-Founder of The Glitch to extend to his new role as author and more.

This meant that his existing website – one that we had developed for him in August 2020 – would need to be revamped to reflect his changing brand.

How we approached the rebranding exercise

As mentioned, his previous website was centred around his role as the host of Advertising Is Dead – a marketing and business podcast that he has hosted since 2018 and is best known for. The colours as well as the design aesthetics reflected the AID brand.

However, with his new role as an author, the launch of his new courses, as well as the two other podcasts he now hosts, it was necessary to modify the aesthetics to one that would allow us to showcase all.

We decided to revamp the website as part of his rebranding exercise, and build an aesthetic that would allow us to showcase his other properties (and any future properties) without having the various brand aesthetics clash with each other.

The new aesthetic still appeals to his current audience (early 20s) and reflects his brand (as an approachable, relatable, reliable source of authority on his areas of expertise). At the same time, the neutral palette allows us to showcase all his brands without causing a visual clash, lending it to his evolving long-term vision. It has a minimalist, contemporary look/feel, with a backend that allows for easy updation via CMS.

Sunil Doshi

About the client

A veteran of the Indian Film Industry, Sunil Doshi has become its mainstay in a span of over two decades. In his scope as a Consultant for the Star TV Network, Sunil has been the backbone of many significant TV ventures, including ones that have gone on to create entertainment history, such as Satyamev Jayate (2012), Koffee with Karan (2004), and Kaun Banega Crorepati (2000). He’s also been Creative Producer of many critically acclaimed feature films, and runs one of India’s most trusted talent management agencies.



Sunil Doshi had reached out to co-founder Rachit for us to work on his digital branding online to showcase his work and experience in the film industry. For this, we recommended a website as well as a doover for his LinkedIn page. 

View his website and his LinkedIn profile.



We reviewed his LinkedIn profile and shared questions that needed to be answered to help us fill in the many gaps. 


Once that was done we built a simple website which would speak about his career and achievements in detail and showcase his clients as well the films & TV shows he has worked on as producer and distributor.

We crafted a write-up detailing his journey in finance and business, while simplifying the financial jargon into an easily digestible yet comprehensive encapsulation.

Aditya Gupta

About the client

Banker turned serial entrepreneur, Aditya Gupta is the co-founder of two fintech companies, TransServ and Credilio. He has nearly 2 decades of experience in finance and retail services, and has worked with HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank and Maruti Suzuki.

View the website here.



At this time, he was in the process of setting up fintech enterprise Credlio, which entailed attracting funding and tie-ups with banks, NBFCs and e-commerce companies. The website was part of a personal branding exercise to facilitate his entrepreneurial ventures.



We planned a two-pager website for Aditya with the home page encapsulating this various associations (as co-founder, employee, investor and entrepreneur), as well as all his media mentions.



We crafted a write-up detailing his journey in finance and business, while simplifying the financial jargon into an easily digestible yet comprehensive encapsulation.

Seat at the table

About the brand

Founded by Pooja Jauhari – former Group CEO of VMLY&R India and CEO of The Glitch, Seat at the Table is an investment & advisory company with a difference. It was formed with a singular purpose of creating and enabling entrepreneurial opportunities without any bias for a diverse group of individuals through investments, advice, connections and workshops.

With SATT, the attempt is to transform the entrepreneurial landscape of our country by moving beyond simply investing in startups and taking a step closer to creating a world of equal opportunity.

First contact

Founder Pooja reached out to us for a website that would communicate the ethos of the brand. She wanted the website to reflect its core value of “inclusivity”, up, front and centre.
After the website was ready, Pooja would require our help with establishing SATT’s presence on Instagram

Website Design

Along with the aesthetics of inclusivity, the client wanted to showcase a stylish and professional aesthetic that would go with the brand colours and logo that she had already finalised prior to approaching us.

Being a new company, the client did not have any images to share but we felt it was very important to have strong visuals to communicate the inclusivity aspect.

So we agreed to go ahead with illustrations with clean lines and one accent colour. We took great care to create illustrations that reflected the brand’s core message, including ‘characters’ representing a wide spectrum of society. We chose to repeat the ‘characters’ across the website to create a cohesive look and narrative.

The website has been laid out to educate the audience about SATT’s objectives and principles, while also driving them to take action – fill out respective forms for investment, advisory and workshops.

Website Development

Based on the requirements of the project, we recommended a WordPress CMS website. The website went live on June 18, 2021 and can be viewed here.

Social Media Strategy

For SATT’s Instagram page, we have been experimenting with different types of content in phases to see what works with the audience.

In Phase 1, we extended the website’s illustration-based aesthetic to SATT’s Instagram page. For the messaging, we focused on SATT’s core values and offerings.

Phase 2 onward, we diversified to text-only creatives with thoroughly researched data that grab attention. We also introduced carousel creatives that carried a narrative over several cards to draw in the audience (professionals and startup entrepreneurs) into understanding why SATT is the right fit for them as a potential investment and advisory company.

As a result of our efforts, the client receives DMs from relevant audience seeking her investment and advisory services, and thereby growing her clientele.

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