Framroze Deli

Mumbai-based Siganporia Bros has been importing and distributing fine foods from across the world in India for some six decades. Their core products include cheese, meat, fish, premium vegetables, pasta, mustard, vinegars and sauces. Primarily a B2B business, Siganporia Bros supplies to major supermarkets, restaurants and hotels across India.

In 2020, amid the pandemic, Siganporia Bros made the decision to create an online store to cater directly to consumers within Mumbai under the brand name Framroze Deli. They envisaged a user-friendly website with light, bright colours in line with branding they had already created.

We recommended creating a Shopify website with a theme-based design. We started by creating a website structure for the 7 categories of over 1,000 products, with content to be supplied by the client. This included a dedicated section for recipes, which would help with SEO in the long run, as well as a separate page for wholesale enquiries.

Other features of the website included provision for easy updation of products and product information – since this would be handled in-house by the client. We also created an elaborate database to allow for browsing across categories by brand, country of origin, as well as product type.

Little Treats

About the client

Brain-child and baby of Mumbai-based dentist, Dr Sunita Pradhan, Little Treats is an F&B brand dedicated to Indian-flavoured artisanal butters.


Co-founder Rachit became acquainted with the client at an event organised by Mumbai-based business networking company Dysco. The client already had a website and was keen on performance marketing. The current website however had a number of issues, one of the primary ones being that the landing page was not optimised for marketing. So before any performance marketing work could be undertaken, a major revamp of the existing website became necessary. 

View the website here.


We started by identifying all the issues we wanted to address on the website. These included creating a website optimised for marketing purposes, structured in a way to drive the user towards a purchase. We recommended features like a bestsellers section, a how-to video, as well as testimonials.

We also wanted to improve content and aesthetics with better images and good design; so we offered references and pointers to the client for her photoshoot. The website was designed and developed in 30 days, and has been optimized for marketing on all platforms including Meta and Google ads.

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