We reached out to Rachit and the TSBP team in September 2020, and started working with them from October. They took on a very vague brief from us and under promised, but delivered more than we expected. The TSBP team has been integral to our goals of increasing brand awareness and sales leads through performance marketing. One of the easiest and most comfortable agency partners we've ever worked with, they've worked with us like an extended team and we'd highly recommend their services to any business (Small/Medium/Large) looking to add some extra pedal to the metal.

Renju Kurien - Brand Manager, Moonshine

Getting started

A year down the line, at the peak of the pandemic, the brand got in touch with us with a goal to increase sales and awareness via online platforms. We were, of course, delighted to associate with Moonshine – a brand we had long admired – and excited by the challenge of figuring out workarounds for India’s strict laws against advertising alcoholic beverages.

What we did

To help meet the brand’s goals, we ran targeted ads to increase brand awareness, which resulted in significant online as well as offline sales in both established and new locations.
In the very first month of our association, we managed to double Moonshine’s online sales with 10x ROAS. We matched and exceeded the brand’s previous month’s results within the first 10 days at half the ad spend. We also reduced CPAs by 40% to achieve an ROAS of 7 for online deliveries.

Challenges and opportunities

It was an interesting time to be marketing an alcohol brand, given that state governments across the country had, till recently, forced liquor shops to shut, and restricted operation of bars and restaurants. Several states had just made it legal to deliver alcohol to consumers’ homes, and that's the opportunity Moonshine was hoping to make the most of.
We’ve continued to enjoy a rewarding association with Moonshine over the past couple of pandemic years against a landscape of an evolving alcobev industry, shifting consumer habits, and intermittent government prohibitions on bars and restaurants and the sale of alcohol.

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