Rachit Hegde

A Business Development and Digital Marketing Specialist, Rachit is always in step with the ever-evolving digital marketing industry. An innovator in tune with the latest digital developments, Rachit is your go-to man for creative solutions for the trickiest of business problems. Whether it be the latest algorithm change or the freshest social media hack, Rachit is always in the know before anyone else. Over the last 5 years Rachit has consulted and worked closely with over 30 different businesses and helped them scale digitally – including events of various sizes, theatre productions, festivals, pubs, resorts, restaurants, music bands, lifestyle influencers and personal brands. All of which have given him a keen eye for zoning in on what makes a business tick. Apart from being an engineer-turned-marketer, Rachit enjoys teaching and training. He is a Certified Lead Trainer with Facebook, and has conducted over 100 coaching sessions and workshops, including on UpGrad, on Marketing on Twitter for some of the leading agencies in India.

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