Varun Duggi

About the client

A creative entrepreneur turned content creator, Varun is one of India’s leading conversationalists in the modern business, personal development and creator landscapes with over 1 million podcast listens.

The author of bestseller Everything Is Out of Syllabus, he’s the host of Advertising Is Dead, one of India’s most popular business podcasts with over 300,000 listens in 2021 alone, as well as co-host of Think Fast, an irreverent business podcast that has ranked #3 on Apple’s Podcast Marketing Charts.

In 2009, he co-founded The Glitch, India’s largest ‘digital-first’ creative agency.

History with the client

We have had a long and fruitful association with Varun starting August of 2020, and we have offered steadfast support throughout his growth journey as a podcaster, in various capacities through social media ads, YouTube channel management and more.

A key part of that journey has been our contributions towards his website.

In early 2022, Varun set out on a rebranding exercise, in line with his plans to grow his brand beyond his long-standing podcast Advertising Is Dead and his role as the Co-Founder of The Glitch to extend to his new role as author and more.

This meant that his existing website – one that we had developed for him in August 2020 – would need to be revamped to reflect his changing brand.

How we approached the rebranding exercise

As mentioned, his previous website was centred around his role as the host of Advertising Is Dead – a marketing and business podcast that he has hosted since 2018 and is best known for. The colours as well as the design aesthetics reflected the AID brand.

However, with his new role as an author, the launch of his new courses, as well as the two other podcasts he now hosts, it was necessary to modify the aesthetics to one that would allow us to showcase all.

We decided to revamp the website as part of his rebranding exercise, and build an aesthetic that would allow us to showcase his other properties (and any future properties) without having the various brand aesthetics clash with each other.

The new aesthetic still appeals to his current audience (early 20s) and reflects his brand (as an approachable, relatable, reliable source of authority on his areas of expertise). At the same time, the neutral palette allows us to showcase all his brands without causing a visual clash, lending it to his evolving long-term vision. It has a minimalist, contemporary look/feel, with a backend that allows for easy updation via CMS.

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